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Small Bathroom Renovation

When undertaking a small bathroom renovation, it is important to start out by drawing a scale model of the room so that you can begin working out where all of the new fixtures are going to be installed.

Planning takes attention to detail, as mistakes could lead to costly changes.

Once your bathroom has been scaled down, we need to begin defining the type of style you are looking to incorporate into the room; ie – European flare or one that is more oriental in nature.

With a small bathroom renovation, there is simply no room for clutter, thus the storage aspects of the room are vitally important.

A great option for small bathroom renovations are replacing build-in showers and bathtubs with those that “float” in the room, so that all of the space within the area can be properly utilised.

On top of this, bulky bathroom cabinets are being swapped for pedestal basins and storage cabinets that are placed higher up on the bathroom walls; all of this will leave more room space and allow the room to have a more open feel to it.