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The Bathroom Renovation Process

sydney bathroom renovation7 Step Bathroom Renovation Guide:

Step 1: Initial Bathroom Consultation

During our initial consultation, our goal is to find out more about your life style, preferences, and use of space.

Aulstar Bathroom Renovations will meet with you, consult and will measure your space.

Step 2: Second Meeting

In the second meeting, we are able to provide suggestions about fixtures, materials, tiling, light fixtures, bath or shower, faucet, sinks, vanities.

There are a lot of choices to be made and we are willing to help you in your decision process.

If we are ordering your products, we will pass our savings to you.

Step 3: Firm Price Guarantee

Based on your existing space, the bathroom floor plan, your style and budget, we price all necessary items and will calculate all materials.

At that point, once all choices are thought through we will present you with an exact quote with detailed labour and materials for your bathroom renovation.

We promise there will be NO hidden costs and we Price Guarantee that your final invoice from us will be the same as your quote, unless you make changes during the process.

Step 4: Start Date Scheduled & Timeframe Outlined

After all fixtures and materials are decided on and ordered, we schedule a starting date and establish a time frame for finishing.

Demolishing and taking the existing fixtures away usually takes 1-2 days depending on the bathroom.

Step 5: The Renovation Begins

The Process of Renovation Begins. Our renovating team performs cleanups on a regular basis. Protecting your home and your valuables is our priority.

Step 6: Regular Progress Updates

One of our success factors for the last 25 years has been our ability to communicate effectively to our customers. Throughout the project we will deliver updates about the progress. Once the project is complete we will perform final inspection to ensure your satisfaction.

Step 7: The Wrap Up

We regularly take photos of the project and will be able to provide you BEFORE and AFTER photos.

You will be ready to show off your beautiful bathroom to your friends, family and neighbours.

Please feel free to recommend our services.